Integral Ecology Group

{ CMS Development, Web Development }

Integral Ecology Group (IEG) is a small company providing expertise in practical applications of ecological and cultural research. Basically, they help keep a good relationship between humans and our environments.

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When design agency Six Pony Hitch decided to take on this project, they called on us to be the lead in the web development role. That role included properly and accurately implementing their carefully crafted design into a responsive website. We also went through several rounds of testing and ensured proper SEO tags were in place.

A custom site like IEG's meant custom layouts for the various pages throughout the site. As a result, we needed to make sure that the site was not only built to spec, but that the codebase was as simple as possible given the various types of content. With a robust and easy to use CMS as the foundation of the codebase, the site is not only easy to manage for developers, it's also a breeze for IEG to update.

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