Keizer Station Apartments

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Developed by Mountain West Investment, Keizer Station Apartments are a new apartment complex in the growing Keizer Station area which is near Salem, OR. Mountain West Investment partnered with Block 81 to create a new logo for the apartments that matched the vibe of the apartments and the surrounding area.

An Iterative Branding Process

The road to a brand new logo is not short one, and having a shortened timeline doesn't make things any easier. We went through a number of sketches, digital concepts, and revisions to arrive at the final logo you see above. We opted for friendly, readable typeface, accompanied by elements of nature that surround the larger region that Keizer sits in. That ultimately morphed into using an iris. 

Simply because the City of Keizer uses the iris in their logo was not a valid enough reason to do similar in this project. However, given the location of the apartments, ties to the city, and the name of the apartments, the iris was a reasonable change in direction.

The end result is a timeless logo that met the creative brief and made Mountain West Investment quite happy. The final logo was delivered in various formats and accompanied by a basic style guide.

"I felt as though Block 81 genuinely cared about my project and everything was created and presented in a thoughtful manner from start to finish. I now have a logo that I am proud to show off."

Hillary Banks, Mountain West Investment

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