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Wheelhouse 20/20 is a Portland marketing agency exclusively focused on the building supply channel. Partnering with a nationally recognized brand on a “kickstart” program, they provide various marketing services to residential contractors on a credits system. After a year of running the program manually, Wheelhouse 20/20 turned to Block 81 to build an online version of the program.

Wheelhouse 20/20
Project Type
Client program portal
UX design, Craft CMS development, custom development, website hosting

UX Design

Client front-end

We needed to plan out how a client would schedule a call, view their service orders, and stay up to date with their project progress.

Admin back-end

Though we already knew we would build this in Craft CMS, we still needed to define how an app admin would create a job order with one or more services, including how credits would be handled.

Automated notifications

This was important so as not to add any further work to Wheelhouse’s already full plate. We mapped out when email notifications would go out and what would automatically trigger them.

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Craft CMS

It was clear from our initial talks with Wheelhouse 20/20 that Craft CMS would be the right choice. Craft gave us the right balance of options out of the box and extendability so we could customize things for this particular app.

Custom module

Our back-end developers created a custom module specific to this app that would handle the credits system and the automated email notifications.

Simple front-end

Design was kept minimal—we just focused on the front-end being functional and easy to use while adhering to standard design principles.

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The completed app streamlined Wheelhouse 20/20’s management of their program with LP by removing much of the manual work they were having to do previously. With the time saved they can focus more on delivery of the services.