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P&C Construction is a Portland-based company that has been helping shape Portland and surrounding areas for over fifty years. We helped them further shape their online presence.

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Getting to Know P&C

P&C Construction's previous site had been created almost a decade ago. In that time, P&C continued to make great strides in their work in the Portland community, making the website outdated and almost irrelevant.

With P&C's input, we narrowed the primary focus for the new website to be "get to know P&C". In other words, we needed to showcase who exactly P&C is, what they do, and who they do it for.

I was concerned about the fit between our firms. The first conversation we had over the phone seemed very personal and it calmed my fears. I got the sense that you were really thinking about our firm's needs.

Sabrina H.

Laying Out the Foundation

The first major step in crafting P&C's new website was to outline, organize, and write their content. 

We worked with them to hone their brand message and really make it shine for the web. This involved our copywriter interviewing the management team and going through a few copy drafts. We also created wireframes to help everyone see how the copy would be laid out and organized on the site.

The Look & Feel

Great content doesn't mean much if people aren't enticed to read it. That's where design comes in.

Building off of the wireframes, we designed the website to extend the P&C brand, engage visitors, and make it visually appealing.

Scope of Work

Block 81 sincerely listened to our needs, provided a clean design, and the website is easy to maintain.

Sabrina H.

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