Block 81 - Portland Web Design and Branding Agency

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What We Do

Block 81 is a creative web design and branding agency based in Portland, Oregon. We believe in people first, embrace pragmatism, and understand that our success is measured by the results we achieve for our clients. As your consultants, we craft exceptional web and branding solutions that help tell your story, save you time, are user-friendly, solve real-world problems, and make your customers fall madly in love with you.


We help clients in various industries create memorable, long-lasting brands that match their personalities and goals. We deliver comprehensive branding materials that include more than just a logo.


Design is the heart and soul of what we do. It's the universal, visual language in which we tell your story. Smart, engaging, and user-friendly, we place emphasis on your message and your users.


From looking & working right on various screen sizes to ensuring you can manage your site efficiently with the right CMS for you, our web developers make the line between backend and front-end near invisible.

Who We Are

Block 81 is a client-focused, multi-disciplinary branding and web design consultancy providing creative solutions for awesome clients. Obsessing over details, focusing on quality, and providing candid advice, Block 81 exists to be part of our clients' puzzles, one block in a collection of others. And we're hell bent on taking them where they want to go.

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