Design & Development Services

Web/UI Design

Websites and web apps – when it comes to digital design, they’re my main focus. It’s where I bridge problem solving and visual impact, bringing together users, products, and good design experiences. Boom.

Web Development

A website, no matter how sexy, is only as good as the code it’s built on. I make sure your site meets coding best practices, including mobile friendliness, technical SEO, and basic accessibility.

Website Maintenance & Support

Your website is never really finished and I hate to say it, but downtime happens. But fear not! With consistent, proactive maintenance, you can vastly reduce the probability major issues happening. And sometimes, you just need an update here or there. Yep, I can help with both.

Website Hosting

Having your site on a fast and secure server is just as important as the code behind it. And sometimes you just want someone who can handle that, as well as your site, for you. I provide solid web hosting for many of my clients. And for those times where far more robust hosting makes more sense, I manage that too.

Craft CMS Development

Content Management Systems changed the web. And then came along Craft CMS. Since its beta days I’ve been building sites on Craft with a big fat smile on my face. Oh, and it’s super awesome for clients, too. Live preview anyone?

ExpressionEngine Development

EE has been a trusted tool in my development arsenal since 2006. Admittedly, it’s not my go-to CMS these days, but it’s a solid platform several of my clients still use.

Site Audits & Roadmapping

Knowing where your site needs the most help and mapping out how to improve it are essential components for a successful web project. I can help you figure it all out by assessing where you are and what needs to happen next.

Branding & Logo Design

Image matters. (Sorry, not sorry.) That’s why your logo and branding need to be top-notch and memorable. Otherwise you’ll be just another face in the crowd.

Print / Graphic Design

Design is in my DNA. So while a large majority of my work is in the digital space, there’s a lot more I’ve done and can do. Stationery, tradeshow materials, large format... Try me. 😏