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Why Regular Maintenance?

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Software is constantly being patched and improved for security. Leaving your site unmaintained leaves it at risk.

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Speed & Performance

Updates often mean streamlined, faster code resulting in a more performant and SEO-friendly website.

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New Features

Updates often mean new features that can help keep your website meet your evolving needs.

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An old site will often result in unintended downtime, errors, and performance issues.

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Development Efficiency

Knowing your site is up to date means we can work on your site faster, often taking advantage of new features.

How It Works

It’s so easy Geico would be jealous. Every month I’ll have my hands and eyes on your site, making sure it’s secure, backed up, and all software is up to date so you can focus on the rest of your business. It's basically like having a web developer in your company without having to deal with payroll.