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Blog : Bringing Back My Blog

By Angie Herrera // April 8, 2019

When I redesigned my site last year, I decided to kill the articles/blog section altogether. My main reason was that I was getting burnt out on writing. While I had some help in that department, it stopped feeling genuine or worthwhile.

I turned my focus to providing more visual content on Instagram and a teeny-tiny bit on YouTube, as well as shorter, more insightful and useful tips and thoughts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Insights – my newsletter (that isn’t really a newsletter in the traditional sense).

What has happened since is that there have been many times where I wanted to share something and a blog post made more sense. I would debate on whether or not to just put it into my newsletter or LinkedIn or even just jump on Medium. And then, inevitably, I’d talk myself out of it or just become paralyzed at the thought of designing it and coding it up and all that.

So whatever cool thought or trick or tip I had would disappear. Forgotten forever. Usually. Sometimes I’d write it down to let it simmer and see if I could turn it into something useful for LinkedIn or Insights, but most often it didn’t make sense – different audience, content ownership, and other stuff like that.

The other big issue I had was getting stressed out – all before writing a single line, mind you – about the frequency of writing. But here’s the thing - it doesn’t matter, regardless of what content strategists and SEO experts say. Hell, even I’ve said that writing often is the way to go. Because it is. That’s how you get traction and better ranking in Google and blah blah blah…

That’s all fine and dandy and while definitely true, I no longer care.

While there’s definitely a business value to blogging that I can’t ignore, it shouldn’t be my primary reason. In fact, that’s a crappy reason and probably why the previous iteration of this blog ended up being a drag for me. What I need to focus on is the content itself and getting some of what I offer to this world, well… out into the world.

And so after a year-long hiatus, my blog is back. My hope is that I’ll provide something useful for someone out there. If I do, I hope you’ll let me know.


PS: if you're wondering what happened to all those old articles/blog posts, they're still technically alive over in this archive. I'll be editing and re-posting the best ones here.