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Blog : How Social Proof Makes A Positive Impact On Your Website

By Angie Herrera // September 20, 2016

From social media to testimonials, social proof gives your website an edge over the competition.

It’s the difference between wondering if a website is telling you the truth and feeling certain that they are. We all want to feel like we’re making the right choice and that’s where social proof helps.

Online users crave social proof and they expect your site to show it.

If you’re not using it on your site yet, it’s time to start integrating it as soon as possible. From simple numbers to video testimonials, you have plenty of options to start making a positive impact on your site.

Builds Trust Faster

Trust is highly coveted, but not easily given. How do you get a visitor to your site to trust you before they even make a purchase? The answer is simple - provide social proof. For building trust, testimonials and reviews tend to work best. These provide personal stories from other users that are easy to relate to.

For instance, look at the ecommerce giant Every product includes reviews from actual users that include star ratings. Some users even include images of the product in use. This builds trust quickly by showing users that others already trust you and for good reason. In fact, 88% of consumers read product reviews to judge a business’s quality.

How do you get a visitor to your site to trust you before they even make a purchase?

Leads To More Conversions

You would love to see higher conversion rates, right? Boost your conversions with social proof. GoPro changed their marketing approach to user generated content to provide social proof. The results were astounding. In 2013, net income increased by $28 million.

By utilizing the experiences of real users, other users were more eager to try the product for themselves. The same holds true when visitors see large social media numbers or a large number of email subscribers. Think about it this way. Would you be more likely to try a new local restaurant based on a friend’s recommendation or an ad in a local paper? You’d trust the recommendation from an actual customer versus marketing material from the restaurant.

Ask for testimonials to back up your guarantees of quality customer service and superior results.

Proves Your Words

You already know how incredible your brand is, but how do you prove it to the world? Let others do it for you. You’ve probably seen websites with testimonials along with the user’s picture. Did you realize that the combination of a user testimonial along with the person’s image makes their words seem more trustworthy? It’s true.

Back up your claims with social proof. Why are your products the best? Let your existing customers leave reviews explaining why they love your products. If you offer a service, ask for testimonials to back up your guarantees of quality customer service and superior results.

Creates A Community Feel

Who doesn’t love feeling like they belong to a community? It’s why social networks are so popular. When visitors to your site notice the option to leave a review or see that a blog post has been shared a thousand times, they feel like they’re engaging not just with your brand, but a community of other users.

Sharing social proof numbers, such as how many Facebook fans you have or how many email subscribers you have, makes users want to sign up or engage with you on social media. Obviously, there are various types of social proof, such as listing celebrity or brand endorsements and offering quotes from testimonials. The key is to utilize several types to show visitors that they’re not alone. Suddenly, your brand becomes a friendly community instead of just another business website.

Keeps The Word Going

If you’re looking to make a positive change to your website, start with social proof. Not only does it make your brand seem more trustworthy, but encourages more social sharing and reviews. The more you use social proof to your advantage, the more visitors you’ll drive to your site. Let your customers help build your brand. Showcase their voices and experience positive changes to your site and brand.