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Blog : Why Blogging Is Not For Every Business

By Angie Herrera // August 17, 2017

All it takes is about three seconds of research to learn that every business needs a blog. But is that really a hard and fast rule?

As it turns out, blogging is not for every business. Yes, it’s a great strategy, but it’s not the only way to market your business.

After all, how many people shop at Amazon because of a blog? Sometimes, blogging just isn’t for you.

Finding Topics Seems Impossible

Depending on your industry, it might seem impossible to find engaging topics that your audience will find useful. In fact, churning out boring content is considered one of the seven deadly sins of blogging. If you can’t fill your blog with informative content that keeps readers coming back, blogging might not be a good fit for your business. Remember, you can’t just fill your blog with marketing style posts or company announcements. While there are ways to find topics, you might not have enough time to brainstorm and do keyword research.

There’s No Time Available

That leads into the next reason blogging is not for every business. You already have your plate full and time is a precious commodity. Even when you outsource content creation, you still have to find time to look over posts, upload them to your site and market them. Yes, blogging alone isn’t enough. You still have to send out those posts in your email newsletters and on social media to make them as effective as possible.

According to HubSpot, the average time it takes to write a 500-word business post is 1-2 hours. Since search engines tend to favor longer content, you could be looking at even more time. Once again, this doesn’t include marketing. Despite the popularity of blogging, if you don’t have the time to do it regularly, it’s not the right time to start one.

Social Media Might Work Better

For some businesses, blogging isn’t the best strategy. In fact, social media and email marketing could be more effective for you. Two of the main reasons to start a business blog are to build brand awareness and engage your audience. Businesses who are active on social media might get the same results by just sharing the right types of posts. Even with a blog, sharing relevant content from other blogs could work just as well.

While there’s a debate between whether creation or curation is best, it honestly depends on your business. If blogging isn’t right for your business, try content curation and add a few sentences about why you like that particular post, article or infographic. It’s a time saving option that still lets you engage your target audience.

Your Audience Isn’t Interested In Blogs

Once again, think about Amazon. How many consumers actually read any of the Amazon blogs? They visit the site to shop. Even small businesses who aren’t well-known like Amazon might not have an audience who’s interested in reading yet another blog. Take a look at some of your competitors. How many of them have regularly updated blogs? If you already have a business blog, look at whether it’s helping your business at all.

It’s not a requirement for your business to have a blog. A well-designed website and a social media presence are often all you need. After all, spending hours creating content that only a few people read isn’t helping your business.

Marketing Goals Aren’t Clear Yet

If you want a business blog to be successful, you have to be all in. You can’t decide to post three times this week, wait a few weeks and then post again. You can’t share one post on Facebook and never share on social media again. You need a clear strategy with clear marketing goals. If you aren’t sure why you’re blogging and what type of results you’re looking for, it’s going to be difficult to find success with this strategy.

Knowing your marketing goals helps you create a set strategy, including what types of content to create and where to promote the posts. If your goals aren’t clear yet, blogging might not be right for your business right now. An alternative might be to create the occasional guest blog post for well-established authority blogs.