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Blog : Why Professional Web Design Matters

By Angie Herrera // January 14, 2014

It's way too common a scenario:

  • Business owner needs their website built and/or revamped.
  • Business owner talks to at least one web design agency and decides it's too expensive.
  • Business owner decides to hire their nephew (hey he's good with computers!) or does the website themselves.
  • Later on, business owner sees no traffic or leads from the website and wonders why.

Look, I get it. Budgets are limited and money doesn't grow on trees. Not even this one. But it's disappointing to see otherwise good business owners and managers make the mistake of hiring amateurs for their company's web presence. Disappointing because it's bad business. Here's why.

Lack of features and awesomeness.
I'm willing to bet that what you're after is a website that makes you money and works with your business systems. You want to sync your website with your CRM or POS? You want to sell your widgets online? Trust me, your friend who is a whiz at computers is unlikely to be able to do build that kind of functionality.

Your cheap-o business website is going to cost you more in the long run.
Clearly in a situation like this, the deciding factor is only the dollar figure. Makes sense - we all want to save where we can. But it's also extremely shortsighted. Cutting corners on a marketing tool that could generate thousands of dollars is just bad business. You lower any sales and marketing potential, preventing you from reaching breaking that big business goal you've got your sights set on.

Amateur web design screams amateur business.
Websites are often the first touch point a potential customer has with a brand. What sort of impression do you think they're going to get from your freebie website? And what is that sub-par design saying about your brand? Further, what kinds of customers will a sloppy design bring in? Instead of helping to grow your business, that amateur website is making your competition look better and hurting your credibility and brand at the same time.

Your website is you most powerful sales and marketing tool.
Websites aren't just brochure replacements any more. They're critical in today's digital world. Your website needs to market to the right audience, sell to qualified prospects, help customers quickly, and tout your brand to the world. Why would you leave any of that to someone who doesn't have the skills and experience with any of it?

Anyone can, but not everyone should
Scour the internet long enough and all sorts of tutorials and articles will leave the impression that anyone can launch a website. True? To a degree. But when it comes to your business is that really the end goal - to just get a website launched? I doubt it.

Crafting a professional website is a lot more than just throwing some colors and text up on a page to see what sticks. There's an art to it, and a science too. A basic website created by an amateur or hobbyist is going to lack the finesse and strategy that is necessary for a website to bring in the traffic and leads your company needs. Curious what professional web design looks like and what it can do for your business? Take a look around and then get in touch.