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Independent Progressive Advisors is a small team of fiduciary advisors based in Portland, Oregon. They were in need of revamping their website in order to bring in traffic for potential new business and be a solid resource for existing clients. They turned to Block 81 to help them reach those goals by way of a redesign and improved on-page search engine optimization.

Independent Progressive Advisors
Project Type
Financial Advisors Website
UX design, Squarespace theme customization, on-page SEO


IPA’s website runs on the popular site builder, Squarespace. We picked a theme that fit IPA’s overall goals and our vision for design as closely as possible. While using a pre-made theme – on any platform – isn’t ideal, we made it work. The theme was customized to better match the IPA visual brand primarily by using a toned down and calming palette made up of mainly grays and blues.

UX & content improvements

While the overall structure of the IPA site was good, the way it was set up on the site needed fine-tuning for improved user experience. This required restructuring the navigation in a way that made more sense for users and didn’t create strange URL patterns. It also meant the creation of new pages to expand and better explain the services offered by Independent Progressive Advisors.

During the restructuring and redesigning of the site, IPA realized they needed help with creating the content. They worked with our copywriting partner to create engaging, confident, and cohesive written content for the site. After all, design can only take a website so far.


Brand reflection

The personal touch IPA has in their work is much better reflected in the new site.

Professional feel to match IPA

IPA clients have commented on the redesign saying that it's one of the best financial advisor sites they've seen.