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International Institute for Analytics

IIA (International Institute for Analytics) helps enterprises improve their internal analytics teams’ capabilities and understanding of how to leverage analytics for business decisions. They reached out to Block 81 for help with a small list of things, but our first major order of business was to redesign the IIA marketing site and move it off of Squarespace.

  • UI Design
  • Development
  • Squarespace Migration
  • Craft CMS Integration
IIA 01
IIA 02

Reorganize & restructure

IIA’s site was loosely structured and had a number of pages that were difficult to find. So our first step was to work with IIA to take inventory of everything and organize it all in a way that made sense. To do this, we created two key documents: a site structure spreadsheet and a set of low fidelity wireframes.

The site structure spreadsheet was used in place of a more traditional site map. The reason for going this route was primarily for better collaboration and to show how URLs would change which was a critical component for development and long-term SEO.

The wireframes then broke the sections and pages down into more detail to show the content needed and roughly how they might be laid out. This was an important piece for visualization of content organization.

IIA 03


Working closely with the team at IIA we were able to determine a few specifics about what the site should look like overall – relatively simple but engaging and more closely tied to their brand. We also looked at sites in similar spaces and competitor sites and determined to move in a slightly different direction than the crowd by working with a lighter color palette. The creation of a few custom graphics, paired with their visual brand, and keeping the typography large and readable made for a more comprehensive and easy to use site that didn’t feel drab or boring.

IIA 04

Ditching Squarespace

Long before we even got to the development phase, IIA had agreed that Craft CMS would be the optimal choice for this project and for their long-term goals which include their client portal. As far this marketing site went, the biggest technical challenge was migrating content. IIA had literally hundreds of blog articles on their previous site which was powered by the Squarespace platform. Unfortunately exporting content from Squarespace is less than ideal unless you’re moving to WordPress.

Our solution for migrating the blog was multistep: we exported from Squarespace into a format WordPress could easily import; we set up a non-public dummy WordPress site to import that content and exported the content from it; then using the lovely Feed Me plugin for Craft CMS, we then imported that content into Craft. While this seems easy on the surface, this process also included cleaning up categories in WordPress as much as possible (with further pruning in Craft), as well as pruning other types of content such as authors which Squarespace doesn’t handle at all. All in all, the whole process took roughly a week total to get the content right.

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