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Let’s Talk Counseling provides HIPAA compliant video conferencing solutions. They were providing telehealth services before it was cool and long before COVID-19 made it necessary. They’re also a subsidiary of Let’s Talk Interactive. And with the success of that website redesign, they asked Block 81 to do the same for Let’s Talk Counseling.

Ltc 001

Note: as of this writing, Let’s Talk Counseling has still not implemented the design created by Block 81.

Although LTC didn’t need a new logo, their website definitely needed a fresh look. Some guidance was provided, primarily regarding content. But for the most part, like with their parent company site, we were given the freedom to create a totally fresh UI.

The design comprised of three main areas:

  1. The marketing website;
  2. The provider side;
  3. The client/patient side.

The marketing side

Perhaps quite obviously, the public-facing marketing side of the site needed to communicate clearly what LTC is and who it’s for. This translated into fun yet professional visuals. However, this was not design for design’s sake. Each element and component were designed with a purpose in mind: to drive signups. This included careful consideration of where elements were placed in the hierarchy of the page as well creating a consistent and comprehensive visual language throughout the site.

Ltc publicside 01 Ltc publicside 02 Ltc publicside 03

The provider & client side

There were a lot of screens to design and account for, each with their own priorities and goals. Leaning on our past experience of health provider directory style websites, the most critical screens – such as signing up, searching for a provider, booking a session, and payment – were created with ease of use and good user experience in mind.

Ltc privateside 01 Ltc privateside 02