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Polaroid 01
Polaroid 02
Polaroid 03

Polaroid Photo Frame [PSD]

Realistic Polaroid/instant photo frame perfect for social media. Just use Smart Object to place your image.

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Example 01
Example 02
Example 03

Isolated Gray Duct Tape [PSD]

Sometimes you just need a piece of duct tape. Not some fake rendering either – the real deal. You've found it here.

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Countour map example img1
Countour map example img2
Countour map example img3
Countour map example img4

Contour Maps (Topographic)

A small collection of contour (topographic) maps. No, they're not maps of real places, but they're perfect for depicting a specific map or adventure look.

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Browser 01
Browser 02
Browser 03
Browser 04

B81 Vector Browser Frames [PSD]

Perfect for professionally displaying your web design work, mockups, and even wireframes anywhere you need to show your work.

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Logo Guidelines Screenshot 1
Logo Guidelines Screenshot 2

Logo Guidelines Template

Deliver your killer logo in style! Perfect for delivering your completed logo design to your client. Or, use it to deliver work in progress!

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B81 Vector Line Icons

55 hand-crafted icons, designed on a 48x48 pixel grid. They were created with website and app design in mind.

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01 lead

12 Doodle Banners

12 "pen doodle" style banners.

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