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Pardon the dust! We're slowly revamping our site over time so some things may not look perfect.

Practical + Delightful Design

Design is a broad term that is often whittled down to the visual prettiness of a website. For some, that's enough. Not for us.

Like many web design studios, we're solid on design fundamentals and making things look nice—the stuff that portfolios showcase well. But dig deeper and there's a lot more to the design work we do: yes the interface, but also the user experience, accessibility concerns, development considerations, brand integration, and more. All the details that matter and make the whole greater.

  1. Human Approach

    Our design work is done on screens, sure. In reality, our design work is for people from all walks of life. That's why we'll always champion ethical design practices and approaches that are human-focused and do no harm.

  2. Design Systems

    UI Design without a set of standards and consistency can become an unruly mess, be it as simple as a logo and color palette or as complex as a full-blown design system. Every design project we approach standardizes as much as possible so that it'll age gracefully.

  3. Device Agnostic

    Mobile-first design. Responsive web design. Whatever term you go with, it's critical for design to accommodate users, regardless of what platform they're viewing your website or app on. Designing for and supporting this is baked into our process.

  4. Accessibility

    Not only is accessibility a legal requirement, your users deserve an inclusive website or app. Plus, making your design project accessible from the get-go means it'll be that much better for everyone.

Some of our design capabilities

  • UI/UX design
  • Website design
  • App design
  • Information architecture
  • UI/Design systems
  • Custom graphics
  • Prototyping

Work Samples

"Block 81 were first and foremost great listeners and reassuring partners in achieving exactly what I wanted to achieve. They made me feel heard, were always inclusive & friendly and did an incredible job creating a virtual home for my brand and my business that feels authentic."

Darren Hayes & Savage Garden

Great job Angie! We are very happy to have you working on this project! The spirit of the project has been captured!

Steve N.